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A Very Scary Sunroom – One Room Challenge

My house has been one big challenge to tackle. But, when done in bits and pieces, has felt manageable.

One particular agenda item I have been sliiightly pushing off is the daunting task of my sunroom. Next to the bathroom (and the entire floor replacement), this particular area has presented itself as needing extra special attention.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of my sunroom

Goals & Garbage - A photo of a dead plant in my sunroom

Spiffing up my bathroom took priority over the sunroom because a.) the sunroom was super cold in the winter and b.) the bathroom has gotta be used every day, so I wanted it to be less terrible to look at.

But now that the warmer weather has been approaching and the rest of my house is (mostly) unpacked, I am refocusing my energy to the sunroom. To motivate myself, I have decided to partake in Calling It Home’s One Room Challenge. Twice a year, bloggers from across the globe partake in this challenge, with a handful selected to be featured and others joining in as guests. The goal is to finish renovating a room in six week’s time, with the motivation and support of others along the way.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of my sunroom

I love to challenge myself, so I am excited to attempt this feat! The challenge begins in April.

The title of this blog post is in no way an exaggeration. My sunroom is of the particularly scary nature for a myriad of reasons.

The Challenges: 

  • Asbestos tile that was once painted over, but now that paint is wearing away.
  • A broken light fixture, dangling from the ceiling.
  • Chipped wood and peeling paint on the exterior walls.
  • Paneling in need of a fresh coat.
  • And now the particular area has been being used by me as a giant storage container for my things, with uninstalled ceiling fans, cans of paint, recyclables, and a giant dead plant all strewn about.
    (P.S. Does anyone know how to install a ceiling fan? Can pay in beer!!)

Goals & Garbage - A photo of asbestos tile in my sunroom

I created an inspiration board of what themes I believe I am going to go with for this room, pictured below. If all goes as planned, a soon-accomplished sunroom will entail…

The Solutions: 

  • Sanding and painting all of the chipped wood and repainting a lighter neutral color.
  • Freshening up the paneled walls with white paint.
  • Sealing the exposed asbestos back in with Kilz, and then going over the tiles with a vinyl-wood flooring.
    I am choosing to go with the peel & stick vinyl “wood” herringbone method (rather than vinyl planks) because that gives future owners of the home the option to go over this floor with whatever their choice might be, without having to peel it up and possibly exposing themselves to the tiles. Or if I ever get tired of the herringbone pattern, I can go over it.
  • Moving my futon into this area, along with a Southwestern blanket potentially… Or whatever blanket I find and like. Paired with cute, eclectic pillows.
  • Lining the shelves with fun knick-knacks and moving some new plant babies in.
  • Installing a new light fixture – TBD what though!

Goals & Garbage - One Room Challenge Sunroom Inspiration Board

All in all, I really want my sunroom to transform into the perfect hideaway to read a book on the weekend. I want to be able to snuggle up on the futon, dive into the countless novels and memoirs I have purchased in the last year (and had zero time to read), drink a warm cup of coffee, and let my cats sunbathe in the giant windows.

Wish me luck on this April-y adventure!


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