“For my part, I travel not to go anywhere, but to go. I travel for travel’s sake. The great affair is to move.”
Robert Louis Stevenson

Hi, I’m Jennifer –

A St. Louis living lady with both too many pets and too many goals.

I’m a starry-eyed, 20-something attempting to balance what you’re ‘supposed’ to do with life and what I want to do with life.

More so, I try to punctuate my day job & restless leg syndrome with a myriad of hobbies and dreamt-up goals.
The ebb and flow of reality vs. freedom, always keeping me longing, wanting, working towards.

And while I have always held a sense of adventure, my willingness to freely jump in took a sour turn just a few years ago.

In 2015, I suffered from a traumatic experience that caused my anxiety to exacerbate. In the time that followed, I struggled through therapy and could hardly convince myself to leave the house.

After months of attempting to “make myself normal again”, I relinquished control to time – knowing it would gradually help heal my internal wounds. While waiting, I shifted my focus back to myself and began to think hard about what makes me happy: traveling. hiking. eating. living creatively.

The next year, I made it a mission to do everything that I wanted to do. It ended up being, arguably, the best year of my life so far (could only be made better if Trump weren’t president…). I traveled to a different city every month, remarkably managed to still save some money, and subsequently bought a house “as-is”.

Since that point, I have started this blog and am exploring more than ever before. I’ve driven through dust storms and slept on dog bed’s, brought Midwestern rain to the Mojave, crashed my body into cacti, hiked my first 14’er, and eaten my weight in authentic Japanese ramen.

Additionally, I have worked tirelessly on my fixer upper. At first, we transformed it from unlivable to livable, and now we are in the process of turning it from livable into magical. Along the way, I have learned to use countless power tools, reupholstered, refinished and built furniture, replaced an entire floor, and done a shit-ton of other handy work on my house. What I once thought intimidating and impossible to learn has since become my new, wanted reality.

Stemming from that dreamy year full of rekindled ambitions was born a different perception of myself. Being successful with the goals I set for myself has given me a sense of purpose. Fulfilling what I set off to do makes me feel like I am living my life to it’s fullest potential. I am in control of what I want to do – and I’m doing it.

So what kind of garbage am I working on next? Find out here.