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How to Effectively Make Lists

If you are struggling to juggle all of your goals or are just generally stressed out about remembering what you need to do the next day: let me introduce you to lists.

Mapping out your life in bullet-point fashion will make your goals seem tangible, help you to remember what you are aiming for, and refuel your confidence each time you scratch something off!

And seeing your wants and needs visually will help you to strategically plan how to get it all done in an economical, timely, and stress-free fashion.

It might seem a little goofy for me to even bring this up – everyone knows about list. But do we implement them to our full advantage?

For this reason, I wrote a quick blog giving you a list about lists:

  1. Keep your list with you somewhere handy. For me, this is a cellphone. For others, it might be a journal or notepad. You are going to want to add and subtract from your list constantly, and the best way to not forget your current thought is to have that list on hand with you.
  2. Don’t limit yourself. Don’t tell yourself that your list is too short or that it needs to be whittled down. This list is your list and it can be as defined or ambitious as you dream it.
  3. Give yourself a preliminary deadline. Setting a date for your goals is the key to never uttering the words “I’ve always wanted to do that” again.  Evaluate your situation and map out a feasible deadline to accomplish your list by. One last thing – do not feel discouraged or confined by the deadline if it approaches and you feel ill prepared. Remember – this is your list!
  4. Feel no fear in changing it. Unless one of your goals is to not be wishy-washy, updating your list is vital. Your life is going to change and you will need to fit the list to your needs. This can range from as small as “I don’t need the two cans of black beans that are on my grocery list because I just discovered the four hundred cans hidden behind all of my boxed coconut milk”, to scratching off a trip due to an emergency, to realizing what in your life you want to prioritize and saving a different goal for later.
  5. Allow yourself to fail. This is the most important tip I can give you! If you beat yourself up over failing, you will be less motivated to try again. Instead, learn from where your shortcomings were and prepare yourself to tackle them later.

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