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Garbage Gobbles: Milwaukee Ed.

It’s no secret that I am a big food traveler.

When exploring somewhere new, I always make a concerted effort to seek out and try local spots that simultaneously appease my vegetarian needs. So, in my never-ending effort to fully organize every aspect of my life – and to also not bombard with giant posts on each individual place I have visited – I have decided to break off pieces of my blogs and fully dedicate sections to the food that I eat. These portions will now be called: Garbage Gobbles. (You know it’s cute.)

We sadly were only in Milwaukee for three short days, so this is not a collective list of best places to dine. It is, however, a simple and short guide on places that these two vegetarians found to be delicious.

Lots of photos of David’s face to follow.


First, the booze:

Humboldt Park Beer Garden:

As I mentioned in my previous blog post, our Airbnb was within walking distance of Humboldt Park, which boasts it’s very own beer garden. Naturally, we took full advantage of this and enjoyed a couple of beers out in the beautiful weather, under the characteristically Bavarian lights.

David even won a hat, which loudly states the words “Fantasy Factory” (one of the IPA’s being sold) on it in bold, colorful font. It comes off as oddly provocative to me, which I guess is the joke, and David proudly wore it around for the rest of our trip.


Milwaukee Brewing Company:

I was a little hesitant to go on this tour, as it cost a steep $10 to take part. However, after reading numerous Google reviews that assured me that the price was more than worth it, I bought the tickets.

The $10 gets you a full glass of beer to start, and then half pours throughout the rest of the tour. Additionally you receive a token to use to receive a free MKE Brewery beer at participating establishments AND you then get to keep your glass as a souvenir.

On top of all of that, the tour itself was lively and funny. By the end of the tour, our guide, Eric, quickly had become all of our friend, and he even successfully swapped my belief that glass bottles > cans.


Miller High Life:

We never had the chance to introduce ourselves as being from St. Louis during this tour, and as such the tour guides threw some REAL SHADE on Anheuser-Busch.

No hard feelings though, we will just always remember that our crappy beer water is #1, and Miller-Coors is #2.

Jests aside, this tour was exceptional and I’d recommend it. The tour guides were fun, the technology was oddly advanced (we even met the ghost of Fredrick Miller himself), the samples were abundant, and above all, the tour was totally free.


Splash Studio:

David and I have actively avoided the “Painting with a Twist” sessions we see all over St. Louis because they are 1. quite expensive, and 2. require you to follow along with a teacher, and rules are not our style.

While Splash Studio follows this concept, they have also evolved to include allowing walk-ins who just want to paint whatever they feel like. David and I took advantage of this and a small canvas only set us back $10.

Of course, we also then sat at the bar to paint. It was a cool experience, but we also sipped many more dollars away…

And then the eats!:

German Fest/Summer Fests:

A coworker of mine had mentioned to me that Milwaukee is well-known for their abundant festivals, especially in the summer. I checked the weekend we’d be arriving for events and discovered that we’d be arriving for the Milwaukee German Festival. Well, I just so happened to major in German during my undergrad! What luck. But what was even luckier is that the festival is normally $12 to get in, but on Friday they had a discount for $3.

There were wursts and schnitzels galore, but if that isn’t your thing, they provide all of the normal fair food as well, including funnel cakes and iced lemonade.

You can also pay a little extra and take a totally random and somewhat unsafe gondola lift.


The Public Market:

By the time we swung by the Milwaukee Public Market, we were filled to the brim with beer. In retrospect this was a life saver, because, had we not been, we’d have spent all of our money on little chocolates, wine, blocks of cheese, and bottles upon bottles of hot sauce.

Bellies filled with beer didn’t to stop David from buying some fried cheese curds though. As the saying goes: “When in Rome, buy four hundred fried cheese balls.”



Clock Shadow Creamery:

Speaking of cheese curds…

Before we even embarked on this journey to Milwaukee, David confessed to me that he would never try anything that had the word “curd” in it. After I brought him to Clock Shadow, however, he changed his tune… Literally, since when you chew on curds they squeak. Hehehe. Am I getting too cheeeesy for you all yet?

The creamery offers a tour, which we went on and wouldn’t recommend. It ended up costing $3, was brief, and you don’t get any free stuff. Instead of the tour, I would recommend just stopping by to purchase some of their cheese! (The quark is stellar.)


Colectivo Coffee – Bay View Location:

Besides meeting my new bff here (the bird, photographed below), we also got to sit at a table that acted as a swing-set.

This would have been enough to entertain me, but the food was delicious too. I bought a veggie burrito and added avocado, while David got a veggie sandwich. We also shared a perfect raspberry scone.

I’d definitely recommend this place, even if just for a cup of coffee! There are several locations scattered about MKE – but I am unsure if they all have the novelty of a swinging table.


Crafty Cow:

I sincerely wish I had taken a photo of this glorious veggie burger, but unfortunately I had inhaled it before the thought even crossed my mind. It always excites me when I find a restaurant that crafts their veggie burgers in house, rather than popping a Boca burger in the microwave. Additionally, you are encouraged to stack your burger with one of their assorted toppings, ranging from the norm (lettuce, tomatoes, pickles) all the way to the oddball (brie, jam, aioli). I slathered mine in guacamole, of course.

They also have a burger happy hour, reducing the price from $9 to $5!

In conclusion:

There were a few other food spots we visited that didn’t really “wow” us, so I didn’t mention them (if you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all), and I am sure there are plenty of places we totally missed out on!

If you have recommendations, or other comments/questions/and concerns, let me know below!

Note: Nothing in this blog post was sponsored and all thoughts are my own. 


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