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Help Me Decide Where I Should Go For My Birthday

“A quarter of a century old,” David stated, right before I broke up with him and threw his belongings into the streets.

Just kidding, I didn’t do that.

Getting sidetracked by Buffalo Bill and Lookout Mountain.

I am going to be 25 in September and am already mourning my youth. I’ve reached that bridge between “young adult” and now just “adult”. No more crooning over how young I am. No more outrageously priced rental cars. Man, what a bummer (yes, I feel the glare of you over-25-year-old readers).

However, as luck would have it, the big two five is falling on a Friday this year. This good fortune grants me the opportunity to plan a small trip around the big day. Specifically, leaving Wednesday night or Thursday early, early morning and coming home on Sunday.

Goin’ down the Bayou.

In true Libra fashion, however, I am having a hard time deciding on where to go. Originally I had planned on returning to New Orleans, but the mountains have been calling my name since my Sandia hike in May. So I have taken to WordPress to create a list of pros and cons, and ask my social media friends if they can help a blogger out.


New Orleans Pros:

  • Hand Grenades and Hurricanes.
  • Warmer weather! And much more walkable than Colorado (besides, ya know, hiking), meaning more time to meander about the neighborhoods and find hidden New Orleans secrets.
  • A shorter drive and no time zone changes.
  • I only spent a short 3 days here in February for Mardi Gras, so I’d love to explore more.
  • We could potentially score our awesome Airbnb again which we really loved the first time around.
What luck!

New Orleans Cons:

  • I am nervous that, because my last visit was during Mardi Gras, my expectations are set unrealistically high. Perhaps September is likely to be less fun than February.
  • I got a speeding ticket in Mississippi last time I traveled through which I am still salty about.
    I had an attorney represent me and was informed that my ticket was dismissed in court. However, I have no real way of checking to see if it truly has been aside from his word. This sets off the anxiety alert system in my brain, and I have already thought through several scenarios where there is a warrant out for my arrest and I can never enter the state of MS again.
  • Expensive (so expensive!) food… With less vegetarian options.



Colorado Pros:

  • Watercourse Foods (worth a 12 hour drive just for dinner, imho).
  • Better & cheaper food/restaurant options for vegetarians in general.
  • Mountains.
  • I still have a lot to explore. I have only stayed in Denver in the past, but I did drive near Pueblo on my way home from New Mexico and was totally enthralled (also thought maybe I’d fallen asleep at the wheel because it was that dreamy).


Attempting to hike Mt. Evans.

Colorado Cons:

  • Having so much left to explore is a bit overwhelming though. Where do I go? Sand Dunes? Estes? Colorado Springs? Drive through to Moab? Drive back down to New Mexico and see my friends??
  • Is there snow? Do I have to drive in the snow in the mountains? Driving through the mountains in general is already on my top ten fears list, so if so then I automatically choose New Orleans.
  • A bit longer of a drive.
  • The last time we stayed here our Airbnb was kind of creepy, so we’d have to make sure we found a better rated one.
Otherwise known as RAAAAD ROCKS.

After reviewing my notes, I still have yet to come to a decision. However, I think it’s safe to conclude that New Orleans would be good for a “typical”, alcohol-infused birthday bonanza (nothing wrong with that), whereas Colorado would provide me with more hiking and heaps of vegan mac and cheese.

So, what do you think? Colorado? New Orleans? Or are you screaming at your computer screen that I am missing out on an opportunity elsewhere? Let me know!


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