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Make DIY Boob Planters

Last week, I posted some ideas on cheap holiday presents for the people in your life who love to travel. This week I am posting about a creative and affordable DIY holiday present for your feminist/interior decoratoring/plant loving friends: Boob Planters!

Since buying my house, I have been on a millennial mission to fill it with all of the greenery.

And as my rain forest has continued to grow, I realized I would need to buy more planter pots. 

My good friend Pam (and now neighbor!!) was in a similar predicament, and had found some adorable planters from Rosegrown that resembled the shape of a bust. We swooned over them, but when we looked into buying them they were all sold out!

We both got stuck on the idea of these adorable planters though, and buying similar options just wouldn’t be the same. No planter would suffice except for these!

So while waiting for a restock, I began racking my brain for ideas. I’m not a ceramic artist and found creating our own pots to be a little daunting.

But then the light bulb went off – we could use air dry clay on pre-made pots!

After an afternoon of crafting, that’s exactly what we did. And here’s how you can too!

(Image description: A photo of two DIY boob planters)

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Make DIY Boob Planters



I first began to work with the clay so it became warm and easier to shape. 

I then started with a base on the table, as opposed to directly on the terracotta pot. I rolled out a flat, egg-shaped “chest” area that would act as my starting point. I would really recommend you do this, as opposed to just starting with the boobs first, because this gives something for them to stick to!

After smoothing it out, I transferred my base onto the terracotta pot and began working it onto the pot. To ensure it stayed stuck, I smeared it all over the pot. Pam only did half of her pot, and it also seemed to stick fine too.

You really just want to avoid laying it on the pot without smearing (if you do, once the base dries it’ll just break off). Use pressure to make sure it stays stuck – but also be careful not to press too hard, or you might break your pot. 

Note: Keep a damp paper towel on hand to use when your clay begins getting dry. You’ll know when it’s time to use because the clay will get harder to work with.

(Image description: A photo of clay being molded onto a DIY boob planter)

Once you are positive that the base is definitely stuck and not going anywhere, it’s time to begin the boobs! We made four pots in all, and each was much different from the rest – kinda like real life! Have fun and get creative with this.

With my first ones (pictured left), I just made two large spheres and began attaching them to the base on my pot. With the second one, I used two smaller spheres and worked them into tear drop shapes before attaching them to the pot.

You do have to be careful that your spheres aren’t too big, or else they can end up being too heavy and falling off the pot. If you do want to go bigger, I’d recommend working smaller boobs onto the pot first, and then using more clay to layer over and build them up.

No matter what size, it’s really important to make sure everything is stuck to the base clay. 

After your boobs are securely on the pot, you can either leave it like this or create nipples.

To create the nipples, I just made four small little balls and then pressed two of them flat down.

Getting them onto the boob is a little tricky because, like the instructions above, you want to make sure they are stuck on the pot (or else they’ll fall off when dry). However, you also don’t want to accidentally make them blend in when trying to get them to stick.

To achieve this, carefully stick them on and press down gently. Because they are so light, this should be all they need to stick. If the clay is getting dry by this point, using the damp paper towel on them will help them to stick too. 

And viola! Your boob planters are ready to dry. Allow at least 24 hours or longer for this.

Goals & Garbage - DIY Boob Planters

(Image description: A photo of DIY boob planters drying before being painted)

Once the planters are dry, you can begin painting. I used a gray spray paint to cover mine, and then used a metallic gold acrylic to hand paint the nipples. I then used a matte glaze to seal them. But do whatever you want! The friends who did this with me all had different ideas on how they’d decorate theirs, including doing patterns, polka dots, or leaving them plain “terracotta” style.

Once your planter’s paint is dry, fill in with your favorite succulent or plant! Enjoy!

Important Notes:

If you choose not to paint your planter: please be sure to still cover in a craft acrylic glaze or spray. If you don’t, you risk the clay re-liquefying when it gets wet from watering your plants.

Learn from my mistakes and do not use baking clay. We did this, and the boobs fell off of the pot and into the oven. The horror!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave them below!

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Goals & Garbage - DIY Boob Planters

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