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My Big Fat Backyard: Good Bye Weeds (ORC Week 2)

Welcome back to the My Big Fat Backyard – ORC Week 2!

If you didn’t see my first post, you can find it here. Basically, I have been allowing my backyard to do it’s own thing these last few months and it has since turned into an overgrown mess. This ORC season, I am attempting to turn this area into more livable space!

This week was a little bit rainy, but on the sunny days the focus has been on trying to vanquish the weeds and also on leveling out the fire pit spot.

Goals & Garbage - My Big Fat Backyard One Room Challenge

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After putting it off for… oh, I don’t know, 10 MONTHS, I finally purchased a cordless weed whacker.

The reason I had been avoiding it for so long is because I knew I’d need to spend a little more and get a cordless machine. My backyard is just so big, a corded one inevitably would have been a huge headache.

But now that Black & Decker is a little bit richer, it was time to get to work. I do have to say, after months of hand pulling and hedge trimming, obliterating all of the weeds in seconds with a whacker was fun. Good bye abundant milkweed, pokeweed, crabgrass, etc… For now.

After everything was cut back, I sprayed it all with a homemade weed killer concoction of vinegar and dish soap. However, online reviews have led me to believe that I actually need to use a higher concentration vinegar, so I’m considering this. Since it’s about to be fall, I am going back and forth on if I want to spend $20.00 on it right now when all the weeds are about to wilt anyway.

I just cannot in good, crunchy vegetarian-conscience spray it all with Round-Up. I can’t!

Goals & Garbage - One Room Challenge My Big Fat Backyard

Fire Pit Leveling:

My backyard slopes down a hill, so up next was to level the fire pit area.

Before doing anything, I made sure the direction we were about to dig was marked using twine, stakes, and spray paint.

I purchased this Bully Tools Round Lawn Edger. It’s been a god send. A normal shovel would have made this process a lot more lengthy. The edging shovel allowed David and I to basically dig sideways, and easily level out where I will put either the landscaping bricks/treated lumber.

Goals & Garbage - One Room Challenge My Big Fat Backyard

Since this was so effective, I am also planning on digging out the area up to where my gutter is. I am hoping to find a drain trench of some sort to be able to lay along here to help assist in drainage. Maybe something like this? If I can’t find a half cylinder, I might lay in a full pipe instead and cover it in gravel.

Also check out my lawn care aesthetic:

My arms and legs have been annihilated by mosquitoes during this process, even with wearing bug spray! The only thing they can’t seem to penetrate are my pajama pants layered over some leggings…

Goals & Garbage - One Room Challenge My Big Fat Backyard

That’s all I’ve got this week, besides some new muscles from all of the digging. See ya next week!


  • Sam | Away She Went

    I’m so excited to see how your backyard turns out! We had ours professionally landscaped a few years ago and they did a terrible job with the weed paper, so it’s a huge weed pit again…ugh! Clearing it out is on our list now that the weather in Phoenix is finally cooling down enough to actually be outside. I’m sure your progress is going to be a huge motivator to get ours done too!

    • Jenn Meyers

      Thank you!! I totally understand, up until yesterday it was 90 degrees here. Then a rainstorm just swept in and now it is in the 60’s!

  • Mary Lynn

    Add salt (regular table salt) to your weed killing combo for greater success. The vinegar, salt, dish soap combo also works better in Warmer weather.
    Every weed you leave now is just going to have a chance to grow deeper roots over the winter making it harder to get out next spring.

    • Jenn Meyers

      I read that salt harms all of your plants though and can ruin your soil. I intend on quickreting over all of this after they die (the patio at least), so hopefully that’s enough to finally kill them!

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