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My Big Fat Backyard – Let There Be Light (ORC Week 5)

Welcomeeeee back, here again with an update to the Fall One Room Challenge – My Big Fat Backyard!

(Read Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, and Week 4!)

This week has been exciting because finally, after over a month, this spot doesn’t look like a pile of random rocks and dirt. It’s all coming together!

Goals and Garbage - One Room Challenge My Big Fat Backyard

Before I continue, I first wanted to say:

If you found me via Apartment Therapy’s post on my last ORC – wowwww! Welcome and thank you for being here.

To my family, friends, fellow bloggers, and the strangers who follow me – thank you. It’s a privilege that I get to do what I love and write for both my day-job and also on the side, as a hobby. I started this blog for fun, and I am so grateful that people enjoy my content. I appreciate all of the support!

P.S. If you ever see a typo – TELL ME. (I won’t be offended! I wanna know!)

Light Posts:

At long last, I finally put together the light pole planters.

I had been putting this off for a bit. I thought it would be obnoxiously complicated, but it ended up being pretty easy! The hardest part was balancing the post of wood in the concrete before it dried. I originally tried to get it to stay in place with a bunch of painters tape, but the wood was too heavy and fell over.

In the end, I balanced it with a bucket, my outdoor steps, and a prayer to mother nature to hold off on the wind.

I purchased Quickrete’s Fast Setting concrete which helped in speeding up this part of the project. The interior of the pots doesn’t look pretty, but it’ll be hidden by soil soon so… Who cares.

Now the pots are nice and heavy and won’t blow into my neighbors window in the event of a tornado (hopefully).

When I first envisioned this section, I wanted 4 posts to help section off the area. After seeing how it looks with 3 though, I settled on that to help the space seem more open. Plus now I have an extra pot to stick out in my front yard!

(I’ll make a more detailed blog post on how to make your own pole planters sooner or later.)

Goals & Garbage - One Room Challenge My Big Fat Backyard

Stepping Stones:

I’ve been looking forward to this part of my project because now, at long last, after nearly a year in this house, I can take out the trash barefoot.

That sounds so stupid. It’s the little things in life, people!

We’ve now got pavers leading from the front to the side of the house, and from the patio to the fire pit. Now no one has to walk barefoot over any gravel or leaves! We can get in and out from the front to the fire pit with ease.

Originally, I thought about making my own pavers with the Quickrete. But then I saw red pavers at Lowe’s and thought they’d be the perfect contrast against the gray and white gravel.

Goals & Garbage - One Room Challenge My Big Fat Backyard

Facebook Marketplace:

During Week 3, I talked big talk about how much Paul, the Trusty Hyundai, could hold within his red stomach.

This week, the ORC almost defeated his streak.

There isn’t much furniture I need for this particular ORC. Most of the project has been focused on the build. However, I did need the fire pit (lol) and was also interested in getting a second set of chairs (I already have a first).

Somewhat surprisingly though, no one in my area was looking to part with their adirondack chairs this fall. Instead, I ended up finding someone getting rid of their outdoor bench. It included the bench cushions, which match the color on my current chairs!

The person lived about 40 minutes away and they left the bench for me on their front porch. I put my seats down, opened the back, aaaaaand – couldn’t get the bench to squish in.

No. Way.

Not one to be defeated I, sweatily and with a few curse words, tried flipping it every which way and shoving it in. It was probably really cute. The neighbors in this fancy neigborhood probably weren’t annoyed at all. Finally after about 30 minutes, I was able to pull it in. I ended up having to put all my weight on my car’s seats to get them to flatten more.

A washing machine, a gas stove, a futon, several mattresses, 500 pounds of lumber… And almost defeated by a bench.

Goals & Garbage - One Room Challenge My Big Fat Backyard

And that’s…. Basically it for the fire pit section!

On the one hand, I am super excited I completely finished the fire pit before Week 6. On the other hand, it also took about 1 million years and ate away all of the time for the other stuff I wanted to complete. The box planter, the (complete) weed killing, the bulb planting…

At least I got the tree planted!

What will I be able to complete in the one week I have left before this project is over? I have no idea! Find out next week during the final reveal!


  • Mary Lynn

    It’s looking really good. Do the bulb planting in the last week. They are probably on Clearance now and you won’t be disappointed. To get the biggest bang from the hole you will dig for the bulbs, plant bulbs that bloom at different times of late winter, spring and early summer. That way one hole produces color for several months. Of course, any clusters of bulbs you plant will pay off come next year.

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