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My Self Guided Breaking Bad Tour (Spoiler Alerts)

Before I began watching Breaking Bad, I never described myself as someone who enjoyed TV. My attention span is short and I’m lucky if I can make it through a movie, let alone a 5 season television show. “TV’s just not for me,” I thought.

Then Breaking Bad came along. While I didn’t start watching it right when it aired (I was only 15), once I did catch an episode or two I was hooked. I was enamored with the filming style, including the fact they shot only with 35mm film, their creative POV scenes, the vivid time-lapses. I fell in love with The Land of Enchantment from afar, and was dying to see the mountains, the red earth, and a real life cactus. I appreciated that the story line felt real. And I loved how Walt, most of all, was such a despicable human and how the show made sure you knew that. But you still wanted him to win.

It wasn’t a TV show, it was art.


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As detailed in my last blog post, I rate myself within my own, made-up, top 10th percentile of Breaking Bad fans. Because once I was hooked, I was hoooooooked. I made my own crystal meth candy, I threw Breaking Bad themed parties, I cited the show in college papers. I cried a lot. And I listened to a lot of Junip. In total I have watched the series all the way through 3 times now, and as I continue to force convince more people to watch it with me, that number is set to increase.

Traveling to New Mexico was the only logical next step in my Breaking Bad journey, and finally in May I made it to Albuquerque! Yes, I drove 1,000 miles by myself for the sole reason of Breaking Bad, much to the amusement of several locals. I really wanted to go on the Breaking Bad RV tour, but my inner stingy self just couldn’t justify spending $75.00 on top of all of the other costs I was incurring on this trip. Instead, I compiled several of the film locations (and other relevant points of interest) that I wanted to explore, mapped them out, and off I went.

And now I am passing my experience on to you, so that hopefully one day I can help you on your own Breaking Bad pilgrimage!

Jenn’s Self Guided Breaking Bad Tour:

The locations I visited:

  • Walt’s House:
    3828 Piermont Dr
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

Walt’s House is someone’s actual home sitting in a suburb of Albuquerque. Meaning, no throwing pizzas! The owner’s have taken understandable precaution to protect their home, and the house now has a gated front porch, security cameras positioned about, and traffic cones to prevent street parking.

I have heard rumors that the individuals who own this home don’t particularly like the tourists that come by to take photos, and sit out in their drive way to try and deter visitors. I cannot personally vouch for that because when I checked it out, no one was there. I think the key to visiting though is to just remain respectful and stay off of the property.

This was the location I was the most excited about. In fact, I bought a selfie stick just for the occasion! The show’s ending left me feeling pretty empty. But, as cheesy as it sounds, being right in front of the house brought me a sense of closure.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of Walter White's home from Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Saul’s Law Office (Hooligans):
    9800 Montgomery Blvd NE
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

“I like my women like I like my lawyers – classy, with the right amount of dirty.” – Saul Goodman

After Saul skipped town, changed his identity, and became a Cinnabon Manager, a dive bar called Hooligans stepped in and took over his old office. Luckily though, they left his signage up on the door.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of Saul Goodman's office from Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • A1 Car Wash (Mister Car Wash):
    9516 Snow Heights Cir NE
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

There’s a slightly abandoned parking lot right across the street from here that makes for a great place to take photos.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of A1 Car Wash from Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Jesse’s House:
    322 16th Street
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

Jesse’s place (which was just selling for 1.6 million!).

Side note: This is an actual residence with tenants, so be respectful.

  • Los Pollos Hermanos (Twisters):
    4257 Isleta Boulevard SW
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

Los Pollos Hermanos is actually a chain called Twisters. They are scattered all throughout Albuquerque, but the one you want to go to is the address I listed above. This is the actual location that the show shot at, and the chain is capitalizing on it big (as they should!). When you walk in, the restaurant has a Los Pollos Hermanos wall decal to let you know where you are. As you continue to make your way to the counter, you will likely notice the arrows pointing out Walt’s booth (which you can sit in and eat at!), a TV that plays clips from the show, and several photos of Bryan Cranston himself posing with staff members.

I purchased the vegetarian breakfast burrito while there. It was okay – but I am glad I added guac.

  • The Dog House Drive In:
    1216 Central Ave SW
    Albuquerque, NM

Visit at night to marvel at the beautiful, neon wiener dog.

I didn’t purchase anything due to my vegetarian status (plus I was full of Twister’s burrito), but I did happen to see that they had ice cream floats… Next time.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of the Dog House Drive In from Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, New Mexico

There were a few places I didn’t visit – either because I didn’t want to or because I didn’t have enough time. However, they are possible to go to and I have included the addresses for them!

Other Breaking Bad Locations:

  • Jesse & Jane’s Apartments:
    325 Terrace St SE
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

I didn’t end up visiting here because I honestly thought it would make me sad, which I think proves how emotional this show made me.

Side note: This is an actual residence with tenants, so be respectful.

  • Hank and Marie’s House:
    4901 Cumbre Del Sur Ct NE
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

If you hike down Sandia, you can see a lot of fancy, mountainside homes similar to Hank and Marie’s.

Side note: This is an actual residence with tenants, so be respectful.

  • The Lab (Delta Linen Supply)
    1617 Candelaria Street
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

Come for the kitchen supplies, stay for the meth.

  • Crossroads Motel:
    1001 Central Ave
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

Yes, you can actually stay at the Crossroads Motel! I briefly considered this but then I remembered that “everybody knows, it’s Windy!”

Goals & Garbage - A photo of The Candy Lady from Breaking Bad in Albuquerque, New Mexico

I actually stayed at a Suburban Extended Stay on Wellesley instead. I stayed here because it was cheeeeap, closer to Walt’s Home and the Sandia Peak Tramway, and had better reviews.

Other fun places to go of relevance:

  • The Candy Lady:
    424 San Felipe St NW
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

The Candy Lady is a local, ABQ candy creator who was approached by the show’s prop team to make the original “Blue Sky”. She sells dime bags of “crystal”, while also offering customers a photo in the back with a tray of the candy meth. Additionally she sells Breaking Bad merchandise, as well as lots of other candy and (amazing) fudge!

If I were to make a serious recommendation to you, I’d suggest visiting The Candy Lady first. That way you have a prop with you when taking photos at the film locations around town (as you can see in my selfie with Walt’s House, this was my strategy).

  • Rebel Donut: 
    2435 Wyoming Blvd NE
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

Another local treat – loved by the Breaking Bad cast and crew! Rebel Donut sells a donut covered in crystal candy called “Blue Sky”. You can bet I ate one. And also maybe a Boston Cream.

The beautiful backdrop of the city of ABQ, the Sandia Mountains were featured in Breaking Bad throughout the entire show. If you hike the trails, like I did and wrote about here, you may even encounter some Lily of the Valley, which for me was very surreal (poor Brock). They really just look like depressed, white tulips.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of the author in the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque, New Mexico

  • Marble Brewery:
    111 Marble Ave NW
    Albuquerque, New Mexico

Marble Brewery’s beer was enjoyed by the cast and crew throughout the filming of the show, and their location + beer was even featured in the show itself. During the season finale, the brewery even created two limited-edition beers to pay tribute: Walt’s White Lie and Heisenberg’s Dark Ale.

Well, any beer Bryan Cranston is drinking is going to also be enjoyed by me, so I hit up their NE Heights location! I met some super nice people, and if you go and meet a bartender named Hunter, tell him I say hi.

There are several locations. All are great choices!

Goals & Garbage - A photo of Marble Brewery in Albuquerque, New Mexico

In Conclusion:

This was one of my all-time favorite trips I have ever taken. I had no idea what to expect of New Mexico, and I fell in love instantly. The mountains, the lack of humidity, the friendly people, the abundant Mexican food, and the willingness to amuse a 24-year-old on her obsessive Breaking Bad trip.

Thank you, Breaking Bad, for taking me to Albuquerque. It was spectacular!

Questions? Concerns? Comments? Better ideas? Let me know below!

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