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New Year’s Resolutions: Half Way There!

It’s over halfway through June now, meaning hopefully by now I am halfway done with my New Year’s Resolutions! In this post I am going to reflect on how I am doing goal-wise.

David and I only planned on attending one parade in NOLA but managed to stumble upon three.

At the beginning of 2017, I promised myself that I’d:

Travel somewhere every month:

It’s June, and I have so far traveled to one place each month!

The rules were:

  • The location must be outside of the St. Louis County and City limits.
  • I am allowed to travel places I have already been.
  • It can be a day trip.

The places I have traveled so far:

  • January – Chicago, IL ✓✓✓
  • February – New Orleans, LA ✓✓✓
  • March – St. Genevieve, MO ✓✓✓
  • April – Chicago, IL ✓✓✓
  • May – Albuquerque, Santa Fe, and Taos, NM ✓✓✓
  • June – Kansas City, MO ✓✓✓
Taos at sunrise.

Travel to 3 new cities and 1 new country:

In addition to traveling somewhere each month, I had a goal of hitting at least 3 new cities and at least one new country. So far I am over half way there – but the trickiest will be Japan, which is still yet to come!

  • New Orleans, LA ✓✓✓
  • Taos, NM ✓✓✓
  • Tokyo, Japan

Save $15,000:

So far I have saved $8,000 of this amount, so I am over my half-way mark. However, with Japan approaching and then Christmas right after, I am still pretty nervous about hitting this goal. Wish me savvy spending!

The ‘tit Rex Parade AKA the tiny float parade.

Get more fit:

While I still haven’t been equipped with abs of steel yet (too much beer) (and guacamole), I have upped the ante of my work out regime. Now rather than working out 2-3 times a week as I used to do last year, I challenge myself to work out once a day. I focus on alternating between weights and cardio, and take one day for active rest (walking, yoga, etc.).

My work outs of choice are kickboxing and then exercise videos with at-home weights. I go to a boxing gym two to three times a week, and on the alternate days I skim through choices on Beachbody, which I got through a deal with a friend.

Additionally to this, I have begun meal prepping which I have never done before. I used to pack myself a Clif bar, a banana, sometimes a stick of string cheese, and then a giant canister of coffee to get me through the day. Understandably I’d then come home from work ravenous and eat everything within my line of sight. Now I make myself 5 days worth of curry, stir fry, fajitas, etc. to take to work.

Increasing my physical activity and actually packing a healthy lunch has done wonders for my endurance. I feel more energetic, can lift heavier weights, and can accomplish much harder work outs than ever before. It has also subtly changed my appearance – my biceps are bigger and my stomach is a tiny bit leaner.

I have no real measure for this goal aside from how I feel. So, since I eat a lot of ice cream still, I am rating myself at 1/3 of the way there with hopes that July will be my kick-start to less frozen treats (lol, we’ll see).

Vegan sushi bowl courtesy of Lulu’s Local Eatery.

Additional life bucket list goals I have accomplished: 

I actually have hit three “life bucket list” goals that weren’t originally a part of my New Year’s Resolutions, but I am listing them here anyway! So far this year, I have:

  • Gone to New Orleans during Mardi Gras. ✓✓✓
  • Had my photography featured in an art gallery. ✓✓✓
  • And I went bloooonde! Sort of – I tried out balayage. Which is certainly blonde enough for me! ✓✓✓

Resolutions I haven’t even come close to accomplishing yet:

  • Learn how to paint like Bob Ross.
  • Learn beginner Spanish.

Yes, there are still some goals I haven’t even started on yet. Apparently this blog and my three whole followers isn’t quite enough to motivate me.

My Chef Boyardage’d Hair.

(That was a plug to get you to follow my blog -> The follow button is over there 😉 )

I have told David that I need to set aside a weekend night, grab a couple bottles of wine, flip on Netflix, and paint the night away – just me and Bob. David, AKA the most magnificent boyfriend ever, bought me a too-expensive set to begin painting with for Valentine’s Day. Just like writing though, I have to be in a certain mood to paint. And that mood is almost never when I actually have free time.

Oh, the life of an artist.

In conclusion:

I am happy to say that, for the most part, I am keeping to my goals and fall somewhere at or near half-way there. I use my blog to keep up with my goals list, which you can check out by clicking here! How are you doing with your own New Year’s Resolutions?

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