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Oktoberfest in Hermann, MO

Despite my ability to speak German (though I am QUITE rusty) and major affinity for the culture, I somehow never managed to make it out to Oktoberfest in Hermann, MO.

Hermann is located in Missouri wine country and is a popular spot to visit for the wineries and old-timey shops. The peak time for visiting is during the warm summer months when the vineyards are green, or in October, where they host Oktoberfest each weekend of the month.

Originally I had still intended on missing Hermann’s Oktoberfest yet again this year. But when my plans to visit David in Chicago fell through, I needed to think fast and Hermann was one of the first places that came to mind. I asked my friend Claire if she could join me and she obliged. After spending the morning oversleeping and buying snacks at Trader Joe’s, we were off.

From St. Louis, Hermann is located just over an hour away. This makes it just far away enough that it still feels like a trip, but not such a long drive that it feels daunting.

Upon arrival, Claire and I first walked around the downtown area of Hermann and visited the booths of beer and quaint shops. In fact – if you are interested in antique shopping, then Hermann is definitely the place for you. For us, it was more window shopping. We did, however, purchase some truffles from a chocolate shop in town. I also might have bought David a Twinkie decorated like a minion, since he loves minions. (We will see if he really reads this blog based upon if he notices this incredulous assertion.)

After some more aimless walking, we decided it was time to fully immerse ourselves into the Hermann culture and check out a winery.

When we looked online for wineries that allowed outside food, Lost Creek Vineyard immediately caught our eye. They had live music in the evening as well as $5 tastings – and you got to keep the glass! I’m a sucker for a token.

The most important perk to Lost Creek though? They had a tent with heaters situated in it. This way Claire and I were able to listen to music, sip our wine, and eat our snacks all without freezing to death.

Though Claire and I enjoyed our quality best friend time this weekend, we both agreed that we’d probably stick to going to Hermann when it is warmer. Maybe next year we will be able to go earlier in October for the festivities. Or we will go in the spring.

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Getting there: Paul the trusty Hyundai guided us there safely.
Staying there: While we didn’t stay there this time around, there are an abundance of B&B’s, motels, hotels, and luxury suites to sleep in.
Wearing there: I wore these cute booties from Amazon which are both stylish and warm. Also don’t forget gloves!
Shooting there: Images are all captured on my Nikon D750 with my 35mm lens.
Etc., etc.: Bring your own snacks! Pick up cheese, crackers, berries, and chocolate before heading in. The large majority of wineries in Hermann are accepting of outside food. When in doubt, visit their website or call.

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