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ORC Week Five: A Very Scary Sunroom

Howdy! Welcome back to the One Room Challenge: A Very Scary Sunroom Ed.

If you’re just joining me, the ORC is an event that happens twice a year, where bloggers from all over join forces and attempt to transform a room into something great. You can read about my sunroom’s beginnings here, as well as Week 1, Week 2 (& 3?), and Week 4!

If there is anything I have learned in the renovating process, it’s that absolutely everything takes longer than you originally anticipated. So when it came time to begin work on my sunroom, I don’t know why my expectations were any different. But dammit, I fooled myself!

After it took me nearly four weeks to finally finish painting the 100 sq ft space though, I’ve come to my senses (and also realized that painting is one of my least favorite activities).

Happily, the painting commenced last week and this week I could focus on the floor. Last week, I’d filled the cracks in my tile with floor patch and then went over everything with a floor primer. Then I had begun to assemble my vinyl planks into their herringbone pattern.

I figured the herringbone pattern would frustrate me – and it did.

At first, I thought it was easy and I had overhyped it. The initial laying down of the pattern wasn’t so bad. In fact, it really just felt like laying down gigantic stickers.

But then came the cuts.

The worst part of the floor installation was hitting the edges of the room and having to measure and slice the vinyl plank. It would have been a lot easier had I chosen a more straightforward pattern, but I am totally in love with the herringbone accent style and thought this would be the perfect space for it.

Goals & Garbage - Houdini lays on herringbone pattern floor

If you saw my most recent post on Instagram, you know that this has taken me FOREVER! I’ve been up until midnight almost every single night this last week cutting, peeling, and sticking.

Through my research, I’d read that scissors do not work with vinyl plank (even though it’s slim nature may be misleading) and so I used a box cutter. This method worked just fine.

Once all of the planks were stuck and snug, I placed a shoe around the room’s edges to help everything look a little more seamless. Despite my best efforts, the edges were still a bit ragged but the shoe trim covered it right up. I then caulked it into place.

Goals & Garbage - Jennifer Meyers caulking herringbone pattern floor

Goals & Garbage - herringbone style floor

I was actually dreading this part. After spending so much time on painting and putting the floor down, I thought this would be just as tedious. Luckily though, it took less than an hour! I may not be much of a painter but I sure like to caulk.

(I am aware I installed the shoe on upside down. Long story short, I did it on purpose because the original trim has a curve and caulking it in this way looked better IMO.)

After I was finally done, I laid down on the floor and let out a huge sigh of relief. The hard part is done! It’s livable! The asbestos is covered! The chipped paint replaced! I may have shed a few tears.

Goals & Garbage - Jennifer Meyers laying on herringbone floor

Afterward, David and I began the bringing in and assembling of furniture. David put the futon frame together while I was at work, and I am really glad he did, as he reported back via text: “This futon is driving me up a fucking wall. How can this be so complicated.”

I also found a cute $10.00, real wood side table, and a $7.00 gold lamp on Facebook Marketplace. Score!

Additionally, I got a cute Facebook Marketplace rug, but after spending approximately 4,000 hours on the herringbone floor, I decided that I’d rather not cover up all of my hard work.

Goals & Garbage - Photo of lamp and futon

In between all of this, my stepdad came over to replace the broken/nicotine-stained light, which is when we discovered that the original fixture is installed sideways. This would mean that, in order to replace the light, I’d need to take the ceiling and insulation all down. Lol tears. He said that if I wanted to do it, we could replace the ceiling with beadboard. While I’m not opposed to this, I’m going to save that project for another day.

Instead, I scoured the internet for recessed lighting cover replacements. There were scant options which is apparently due to the fact that these types of recessed lights are uncommon nowadays. Huh, my house is outdated, go figure.

Goals & Garbage - A recessed light fixture

I ended up purchasing this cover. All of the Amazon commenters mentioned it was a replacement for their elderly homes too, so I felt safe that it would work. I’m not in love with it, but at least it’s not a broken, dangling, bug-murdering machine.

Pretty much all of the hard stuff is done at this point. Week 6 will be mostly about finalizing decorations and plants, and I may also try to install a screen into one of the windows. The door has a screen, but I’d like one of the windows to be able to be opened on the opposite side to allow for a breeze sans mosquitoes. But we will see if I get that far!

Stay tuned! Almost done!!

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