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ORC Week Four: A Very Scary Sunroom

If you’re just tuning in, I and dozens of other bloggers are participating as Guest Participants in the One Room Challenge. If interested in seeing my progress so far, here is the before, as well as Week 1 & Week 2 (& 3?).

Goals & Garbage - House Beautiful One Room Challenge

If you already read all of that, then you might remember that my progress on the sunroom was not terribly up to snuff. This was all due to the fact that:

  • My work’s Gala was upcoming.
  • I was planning a funeral for my Boston Fern (RIP Fernie) and then adopting a new one (let’s take a bet on how long I can keep it alive).
  • I was recovering from my trip to New Orleans.
  • I also was editing a million pictures from a wedding, as well as headshots and senior photos.
  • I was also making ledges for inside.
  • Aaand I was planning my next upcoming trip to Kansas City this weekend.

Goals & Garbage - Rest in Peace Boston Fern Fernie

Falling behind halfway into the challenge isn’t ideal, but I had already kind of expected it. However, with the teensy bit of free time (if you consider painting from 9:00pm until midnight every night my “free time”) that I had this week, I was able to kill it with some actual progress!

We left off with me having filled, sanded and primed everything up (and having a brief meltdown about possibly breathing in asbestos and getting mesothelioma).

This week it was time to paint everything.

I chose to paint over all of the trim in white, and hide the ugly yellows and browns underneath. This included painting my door, which first had to be patched because the former owner’s dog had scratched the ever-living shit out of it.

Goals & Garbage - House Beautiful One Room Challenge - A photo of me joint compounding my door

Then, in an off-characteristic decision, I decided to do an accent wall! This might not sound like a big deal to you, but to me, it was a long-thought-out decision. After having lived in my apartment for years, I had grown sick and tired of the colors my landlord had chosen – beige in the bedrooms, chalky green in the bathroom and kitchen, and yellowy tan (?) in the living room. I swore when I moved that I’d keep everything a neutral color. After some deliberation though, I felt an entirely white sunroom would be too sterile (and perhaps too farmhouse).

So, David and I totally broke off from my original ideas board and discussed a new theme – navy or royal blue, greenery, and gold accents. I went out and bought the blue and we were ready to go.

Then I nearly had a heart attack because I swatched the wall and it was QUITE blue.

It reminded me of something that you’d see in a child’s room, not a sunroom.

Goals & Garbage - House Beautiful One Room Challenge - A photo of blue paint that is too blue.


So, in my last post, I asked for opinions on some different blues and received some super insightful answers. So thanks! Luckily Lowes will let you return paint, so I swapped it out for a darker, more subtle blue.

After painting for what felt like eons, I finally began to notice the transformation. It actually looks like I did some stuff!

Goals & Garbage - House Beautiful One Room Challenge - A photo of my accent wall in my sunroom

Now that all of the paint was finalized, I could focus on the floor. As mentioned last week, I had been eyeing some peel & stick vinyl from Home Depot but hadn’t made the purchase yet. It was mostly due to the fact that I had a coupon to Lowe’s but not Home Depot. Sadly, Lowe’s options just plain sucked so I splurged and got this highly-rated TrafficMASTER option from HD. The cost was just under $100.00, so still not too shabby.

Before doing anything, I decided to purchase some floor patch and give it a whirl. I’d mentioned before that I’d filled the chipped tile with a silicone filler but, after it settled, it wasn’t as smooth as I’d hoped. The floor patch was super interesting and fun to use, as it acted like gritty cement. After all of that dried, I coated the floor with a primer made specifically for vinyl flooring.

Goals & Garbage - House Beautiful One Room Challenge - A photo of me using Floor Patch

Goals & Garbage - House Beautiful One Room Challenge - A photo of me applying floor primer for vinyl flooring

(Please ignore how terribly bad I am at keeping paint inside of a bucket.)

When it comes to the floor, slow and steady wins the race. Despite knowing I was going to get irate trying this, I chose to do a herringbone pattern. It is difficult because it requires math and patience, both of which I am bad at.
I’ll detail how to lay a herringbone style tile in another post because it’s far too long to explain here.

However, I will say that I hyped this up in my mind before attempting it and researched extensively, so it isn’t quite as aggravating as I originally thought it’d be. It’s certainly taking a lot less time than stinking painting took! Easy but tedious.

Check it out!

Goals & Garbage - House Beautiful One Room Challenge - A photo of my cat and dog checking out the new floor.

Houdini is a bit skeptical, but I think he will warm up to it.

Those are my updates for this week. Up next, I need to finish up the floor and then lure my stepdad over to install the new light fixture. And we gotta move all the furniture back in here! Stay tuuuuuuuned.

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