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ORC Week One: A Very Scary Sunroom

April is destined to be quite the jam-packed month for me, and I have already begun regretting my decision to participate in the One Room Challenge. I will be going out of town twice this month, my job’s busiest event of the year is in three weeks, and I also wanna tear my sinuses out (which just sucks and is unrelated).

But! That’s kind of the point of this challenge. I’m going to keep coming up with excuses to not put this room together because it does seem so daunting. My hope is that by challenging myself to finish it in six weeks, I will be motivated to begin.

Disclaimer (for my grandma who reads this blog and thinks I am overworking myself): If I don’t finish, I’m not gonna beat myself up.

If you’re just tuning in, I detailed the current state of my sunroom in a former blog post, which you can read by clicking here.

Long story short though: the floor needs to be covered because the underlying tile is asbestos, the ledges and shelves all need to be scraped, sanded and repainted, the broken light fixture needs to be replaced, an accent wall needs to be added, and all of the shit I let accumulate in there needs to be removed.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of my cat laying in a sunroom

Houdini has already claimed this room as his favorite.

Week 1 Update:

In a sudden wave of inspiration, I wrangled in David after he got off work and convinced him to help me clear the room out. Ceiling fans, old furniture, loads of paint cans, etc. all were hauled off to clutter new spaces (ie. my basement).

This gave me a better idea of just how much work needed to be done. With everything cleared out, I could see all of the chipping paint around the windows and how many tiles had broken. There was also – surprise – a ton of mouse poop + spiderwebs + dead bugs, that we swept up.

Then it was scraping and sanding time! Using a paint scraper and my newly purchased electric sander (so cheap! so useful!) we both got to work on the window frames and ledges. The sander saved me so much time and was much less annoying than having to sand everything by hand. I highly recommend getting yourself one.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of David scraping off old paint

After all that sanding, I wiped down all of the dust and began re-shaping the deteriorated edges. They were peeled enough that painting over the new sanded portion would (in my opinion) look half-assed, but not so bad that the entire trim needed to be replaced. I originally bought wood-filler to smooth them out, but my stepdad mentioned to me that joint compound might work better. I decided to experiment with both, and the resounding winner was…. *drumroll* – joint compound, for sure. Much easier to work with and dries a lot faster.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of using joint compound

Ignore how bad it looks, I am going to sand it haha.

Next was to fill in the chipped tile. I didn’t necessarily need to do this, as I will be replacing the floor, but I didn’t want the vinyl flooring to dip or sink into these crevices. To provide a smooth surface for myself later, I used a waterproof silicone caulk.

Lastly, some of the window ledges had begun to warp and not stick together like they should. To remedy this, I applied liquid nails into the crevices and then clamped them shut. Hopefully, after a few days, this method will have worked.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of using liquid nails

And that’s it for week 1! Not much, but it’s a start. Up next, I will be priming and then painting everything. I also will be on the hunt for the floor. Wish me luck!


  • Mary Lynn

    Hoods and the Habitat Restore are your friends for the flooring. Although I still look at the clearance every time I’m at Lowes. And you can shop their clearance online. 😊 Press on my friend. Can’t wait to see the results! 😘

    • Jenn Meyers

      Hahah aww, I think that is about the same frequency my grandma checks mine, but when she does she calls me to tell me I am trying to do too much lol!

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