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ORC Week Two (& Three?): A Very Scary Sunroom

Well, it’s been an unproductive last few days! Already! On week 2 (or 3?)! My work’s upcoming Gala + editing photography for a wedding + working another part-time job + finishing up these ledges + just returning from New Orleans = all of three seconds to work on this dang sunroom.

My trip to New Orleans was way more needed than I initially realized though, and despite a bit of “I’m way too busy to go” panic, I am glad we went. And excited to detail it soon in an upcoming post.

But first, an update (or lack thereof) on my One Room Challenge!

If you’re just tuning in, I am attempting to completely transform my very scary sunroom in just 6 short weeks, along with the companionship of a bunch of other bloggers! You can read about Pre- Week and Week One here.

Weeks 2 (& Maybe Three?) Updates:

I barely got to sanding my joint-compounded trim, but it has been done. They have since been painted in primer and are ready for their final coat. I also managed to finish painting the ceiling – which unfortunately required two coats and took a lot longer than anticipated. Lastly, I finally decided on my floor! Yet to be purchased though, so I’m not linking it yet.

And that’s about it!

Meanwhile, Brittany Merth is over here killing it and installing an entire dang deck. I’ve got a lot of catching up to do.

This week has mostly been plagued by decisions (a Libra’s worst nightmare). And questions! In fact, I listed some below and if you happen to have an answer – do you mind sending me your suggestions?

1. (For bloggers) While I am joined in on the ORC Challenge, I am super confused by their website. As I am notoriously bad at following instructions, maybe someone can help explain it to me.

I know I am supposed to place their logo on my blog and link their own website, but doing so has still not added me to their Guest Participant page. As I am already probably out of order on my weeks, maybe I am disqualified from this aspect anyway. I’m not really sure!

In fact, I don’t even understand what week I am supposed to be on or when I am supposed to post these posts! Does anyone have some pointers?

2. Is it possible to install a non-recessed light where there is currently a recessed one? I am no electrician and have been coercing my step-dad into installing all of my light fixtures, so I don’t know if this is even a possibility. However, as you can see in the photo below, the light needs to be replaced as it is broken and I’d love to put in something a lil’ cuter.

Do you think that a light like this or this could work?

3. How do you feel about those blue tones listed below for an accent wall?

After seeing a gorgeous accent wall on Pinterest, I am breaking away from my adamantly off-white walls and have decided to paint my back wall blue.

Originally, I’d wanted this room to be slightly southwestern themed. But with the direction now shifting blue, David and I are instead going to fill this room with gold accents, greenery (if I can keep them alive) and macrame. I want it to feel slightly vintage and also slightly classy.

With that in mind, I pulled a few blue choices off the shelf at Walmart one day. Any of them suit your fancy? I think I know which is my fave, but I wanna hear your thoughts!

Goals & Garbage - A photo of me painting the ceiling

Goals & Garbage - Color choices for my sunroom

That’s all the updates I have for now. I am hoping to begin work on the floor this weekend! Stay tuned!


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