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Painting a Geometric Accent Headboard

Remember how I was all like “this house must be plain” and painted everything a super neutral off-white? And then remember how I immediately caved and painted an accent wall in my sunroom?

Well, I am here to tell you that I am eating my words again.

I put out a plea recently on Instagram (@goalsandgarbage), asking for headboard ideas for my now super boring guest room. The bed actually already has a headboard, it is just very short and hidden by pillows, so the thought was to create something artsy right behind, to give the wall more dimension.

My ideas to vote on were:

  1. A paneled wood piece, going from the headboard to the ceiling.
  2. A tapestry.
  3. A painted headboard piece.

As you have already probably read the title, my decision ended up being the painted headboard, as that is what David voted on.

While I liked both of my other options, I am glad he chose this. I think a wood headboard would be gorgeous, but I felt that the wood paneling might be too complicated if we ever were to try to rearrange the room (especially if we ever added on a roommate or sublet). Since it would be dark, it might have made the room look smaller too. On the other hand, I thought that the tapestry would not be enough effort.

(In the future, I might try to do some wooden accent art pieces though – especially now that I’ve bought a miter saw!)

The reason I like the painted technique is that it will be easy to go over when the time comes. Plus it was cheap! And, for now, it looks pretty, trendy and way less lame.

Goals & Garbage - Accent Geometric Headboard



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  • Painter’s Tape
  • Measuring Tape
  • A Paintbrush or Rollers – I used mini rollers (depending on how quickly you want to get this done/commitment to cleaning brushes thoroughly, I’d recommend getting 3!)
  • A Ruler
  • A Pencil – with an eraser!
  • 3 (or more!) Types of Sample Paint
  • Optional: Twine, Clothespins & Cute Polaroids or Prints


Start by deciding on a design. I chose to do 3 triangles, as they remind me of mountains. I decided to do one as the center and then two on the sides to keep it even.

If going with this design (or any needing math), measure the width of your headboard with your measuring tape. Mine measured 57 inches across, so I subtracted an inch of each end and marked it.

Okay, so now at 55 inches, I decided I wanted the middle triangle to be 22 inches long, so I measured and marked that. This left my two side triangles with a base of 16.5 inches each.

Next, mark where you’ll want the tops of the triangle to be. To do this, first, measure to the middle of your triangles base and mark them. So for me, the middle of the center was 11 inches and the middle for the side triangles was 8.25 inches in. Then, using your ruler, place it evenly on the base to measure up to the top of where you want your triangle to be.

Note: Make sure to measure this part too, so it is even for both of your side triangles! I chose a height of 20 inches for the side triangles.

Goals & Garbage - Accent Geometric Headboard

You can decide how tall you want the middle to be – I measured the same height as the side triangle, then added an additional half to the top to let it stand out (so 30 inches).

Now that you have marked it all, use your painter’s tape to create the lines of your triangles.

Another note: If you want your triangles to not have a gap in between one another and meet, you’ll need to do this project in pieces (one triangle, let dry, another, let dry) because the painter’s tape will create a gap.

Begin painting! I chose pastels that matched the comforter and rug in this room.

Goals & Garbage - Accent Geometric Headboard

Let it dry and then remove the tape. Tada! An accent headboard. Now is the time to dress it up if you want – I used twine, clothespins, and polaroids to make it more personal.


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