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Swipe Right for David Robinson

Happy Valentine’s Day.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of the author with her boyfriend.

The first time I met David, I was sweaty and angry.

I’d just finished a work-out and got involved in an argument with my then-boyfriend. I huffed and puffed my way to the mall, to vent to a friend at her place of work – at the (now extinct) Teavana. I would visit her frequently here, in order to score free tea and distract her from doing her job. When I arrived though, she didn’t warn me that a new manager had been hired. David greeted me with one of the biggest smiles I had ever witnessed and I was immediately embarrassed by both my attire and demeanor.

Thank god he doesn’t remember that.

We didn’t talk again until several months later when I was drinking margaritas and newly single. My friend sneakily passed me his number and encouraged me to begin texting him. Rather than say “hey, this is Jenn” or “how are you?”, I texted him the names of people with famous facial hair. He did not find this amusing and demanded to know who I was. I didn’t budge until he could tell me the correlation between the names.

In a way, Tom Selleck’s mustache brought us together.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of the author with her boyfriend.

The moment I knew that I had truly fallen in love with David was when he gently wiped away my dog’s eye boogers without asking and with his bare hands. It sounds gross but it was a complete reflection of his compassion and kindness.

Speaking of kindness, never have I felt such pure goodness from a person before. David is unfiltered friendliness. He is not fake. And sometimes such raw love can be terrifying; it feels like it is impossible to reciprocate what I am unfairly given.

It also means I have to give him 30 minutes at parties to say goodbye to everyone, individually. As an introvert, this used to irritate me, but now it’s sort of cute.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of the author with her boyfriend.

I also love the way he smells. Sometimes he smells nice, and sometimes he smells smelly but even then it’s still a good smell.

It’s hard to find someone who finds my weirdness a draw and even harder to find someone who can parallel such strangeness. I will never forget the time that David was wrapped in one of my blankets, so I ripped it off of him. He then pretended to turn into a cackling witch and curse me with a spell. I also once bumped into him by accident, and he spun around in circles for a minute straight. And I will never get tired of the strange screeches he makes every so often, made-up beats on the spot, and excellent, unplanned twerking.

The random pizza deliveries he schedules from time to time, surprise Ben & Jerry ice cream in the freezer, and bouquets of flowers “just because” are all greatly appreciated as well, and are very, very swoon-worthy.

David is always up for an adventure. Doubt and reason are not within his more frequently used vocabulary, and I like that. He will drive to the animal hospital with me at 2 a.m. to get care for a sick hamster. He will be down for gas station donuts after that. He’ll choose his first flight ever to be to Beijing, despite being over 6 feet tall. He’ll only slightly protest adopting another cat.

And committed? David is one of the most loyal people around. His determination to finish school all on his own dime is admirable. The love of his job and team are noteworthy. I am in constant awe of not only his purposefulness but his enjoyment in doing what he does.

He also looks cute in everything. With a beard or without, in flannel or a t-shirt, with glasses or not. His wide smile lights up a room and his sweet eyes make it even brighter. When we both wear sweats, he still looks stylish and I, in comparison, look like a blob of mashed potatoes. It’s actually unfair. No one should be allowed to be that handsome.

David accepts the fact that I selfishly want no children, just so I don’t have to share my precious time with him with anyone else. And because loud screaming seriously jars me. And because I want to rescue all of the stray animals that frequently scurry into my life. He also accepts that I will likely change my mind at 35 and we will have one – only one – perfect, curly-haired baby who will be taller than me by the time they are 10 years old.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of the author with her boyfriend.

People often tell us we are “relationship goals”.

When I would hear this phrase tossed around in the past, I’d consider it far-fetched. Over-used. Impossible.

But the longer we are together, the more I feel like it might be true. David is too lenient, too accommodating, and too forgiving. I, on the other hand, am short-tempered, impatient, and am known to hold a long grudge. Our countering personality traits work in our favor. He listens when I rant and calms me down when I am anxious. I remind him to not let people take advantage of him. He makes me a better person. We make a good team.

I am excited to spend time together now and in the future. Because as cliché as it sounds, I could not imagine myself with anyone else. David isn’t just perfect for me, he is just perfect.

And he also makes a mean home-made ramen. I couldn’t ever give that up ;).

Happy Valentine’s Day/Anniversary, David. I love you.

Goals & Garbage - A photo of the author with her boyfriend.

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