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The Easiest DIY Plant Stand

I’m not sure that every cat is like this, but my cats have taken it upon themselves to be my personal houseplant trimmers.

No bouquet, succulent, or terra-cotta planted herb is safe from their supposedly carnivorous jowls (why they eat all my plants then??). They’re so notorious, I won’t bring anything toxic into the house that I fear they might eat.

And now that I have completed remodeling the sunroom, the cats are constantly out there sunbathing and also attempting to graze on the Boston Ferns.

In an effort to minimize their adorably tiny-teethed destruction, I got to thinking of ways to raise my sunroom plants out of their reach. There was luckily already one heavy-duty plant ring attached to a stud in the ceiling, where my first Boston Fern now resides, but there was still a second fern to hide. But how? Another ring? Purchase an expensive plant stand? … Or make my own?

Of DIY projects, one of my fave varieties is creating something useful out of a really random object (like this coffee rack). So I was excited when my friend Claire sent me an idea from Pinterest. Someone had pinned a photo of a tomato cage stuck outside, but with a pot snuggled into the top of it.

Genius, I thought, and I was off to Home Depot.

Goals & Garbage - DIY Plant Stand



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Goals & Garbage - DIY Plant Stand


Ensure your pot will fit into one of the rungs in the wire cage. Mine ended up in fitting best in the second rung.

A note: I actually flipped the tomato cage over to make it even more sturdy. My Boston Fern is heavy and I didn’t want the weight to cause the stand to tip over. If you have a lighter plant, it’ll work either way for you.

Using your wire cutters, clip off the three, straight prongs where your plant doesn’t fit. Leave the circle portion (this is where your pot’s lip will catch).

Now, unless you are going to be pushing this in the ground outside, also clip off the bottom three prongs of the cage. Leave the circle portion at the bottom as well – this will serve as a base to make it more sturdy.

If you have any pokey parts of the wire sticking out, sand, clip, or turn them in. We used a pair of pliers to bend ours.

Spray paint selected color and wait to dry.

Set your plant in and you’re all set! So easy! Enjoy your plant stand!

Goals & Garbage - DIY Plant Stand


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