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The Guest Room – $100 Room Challenge (Week 1 & Before)

Hello there, Happy 2019, aaaaand welcome to my $100 Room Challenge – The Guest Room!

The $100 Room Challenge is a one month blogging makeover montage, organized by Lemons, Lavender and Laundry. The goal is to affordably transform a space in just under a hundred bucks. Dozens of bloggers are participating, and I can’t wait to root them on and be inspired!

I wanted to join in on this challenge last fall but unfortunately just didn’t have the time. I’m so appreciative that Erin hosts it twice a year though, because I feel like I am getting a second chance! I love challenges like these because I think it gives me an extra kick in the butt to complete different house goals.

Annnd… We really, really need to talk about the Guest Room.

Wait a second, you might ask. Didn’t you just write an entire post about painting your guest room with geometric shapes? Didn’t you just have a housewarming party to show it all off?

Um. Well yes.

The Issues:

The first issue is the room’s aesthetic. Though I briefly loved this design of this room, after a few months of living with it, I am over it. It’s decidedly too nursery-like. The pastel shapes, mixed with the soft grays and white furniture make this room perfect for a toddler, but not great for adult guests. If I were to have more guests over, I’d like to to grow up the style a bit.

Speaking of guests – another issue with this room is that it is generally heaped in piles of my own stuff. Clothes, make up, craft supplies, you name it. I tried to not let this room become a “catch-all” space, but there’s not a lot of places to put stuff in a 770 square foot house.

I don’t mind the guest room being multipurpose. I use it to get ready in the morning, so as to not wake up David, and I also work out in here. But I do think it’s a bit embarrassing to have my make up strewn about and dumbbells on the floor. So another issue needing to be addressed is better organization and storage.

I could also probably stand to purge some clothes, make up, etc.

The Plans:

  • DIY Map Wallpaper
    An idea I have seen bop around the Pinterest/internet world for a while now is DIY wallpaper out of scrap paper. I’ve seen it done with music sheets, old novels, newspaper, and maps. I’d love to attempt a map wallpaper wall and bring my love of travel to an entirely new level.
    I think this will tie in nicely to the theme of being a guest room too, as we host friends from all across the world!
  • Install a Branch Clothing Rack
    Idea courtesy of Pretty Little Ivy!
    Because we live in an teeny tiny home, our closet space is limited. Therefore, David uses our main bedroom closet and I use the guest. This leaves no room for a guest to come and hang up their own clothing though, so I’d like to create a pretty, designated spot to hang up coats, clothes, etc. I have a few branches left from when I cut down my tree, so I think I am set!
  • Get Some Vanity Lighting and Make-Up Organizers
    Because all of my clothes are in this room, I generally get ready in here as well. Since I never specifically designated this as a vanity space though, there is nowhere to store my hair products and make up. I’d like to give the little mirror an upgrade with some lights and place some cute baskets around for organization.
  • Relocate Gallery Wall
    Being that both David and I are artists who also love to support other artists, we have A LOT of art. Some pieces better than others. Some more sentimental than others. And yet, I have kept it all.
    When we first moved in, I ended up just throwing a ton of said artwork on the guest room wall. It looks pretty out of place in there though, so I’d like to either relocate or remove it.
  • Get Rid of Clothes I No Longer Wear, Reduce Clutter, and Maybe Make Some $$$?
    Lastly, I would love to sift through everything cluttering up this room and get rid of what I don’t need. I think it’d be pretty cool to make back the $100 I will potentially spend on this challenge!

And that’s the plan for now! Let me know if you have any suggestions for me. And be sure to check out the other bloggers who are participating in this challenge as well. They are featured below!:


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