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Tips on Selling Your Stuff – $100 Room Challenge (Week 2)

Welcome to my $100 Room Challenge – The Guest Room! Today I am writing about How to Sell Your Stuff.

The $100 Room Challenge is a one month blogging makeover montage, organized by Lemons, Lavender and Laundry. The goal is to affordably transform a space in just under a hundred bucks. To read more about her challenge, click here!

Goals & Garbage - Tips on Selling Stuff Online

(To view Week 1, click here!)

We’re onto Week 2 this week, and I am making slow but steady progress.

As you read last week, my first order of action was to de-clutter and possibly make some cash. While there is still a lot of organizing to do, I am happy to report back that I have managed to sell some of my stuff! A bed frame and comforter set that were laying around in the guest room have earned me $30.00!

I love selling my stuff on the internet. Clutter stresses me out, but so does waste. So ensuring it goes to a good home while making a buck or two has always been right down my alley.

However, I realize not everyone feels the same way. Maybe you’re scared of getting scammed or for your safety. Maybe you’re worried you’re not pricing stuff fairly. Or maybe you’re not just sure where to start!

Being that I’ve been selling my crap on the internet for forever, I decided to compile a blog post on tips I have for those interested in getting started!

Goals & Garbage - Tips on Selling Stuff Online

Tips on Selling Your Stuff:

Places to Sell Stuff:

Facebook Marketplace:

The most luck I have in selling my stuff is on Facebook Marketplace. This is probably because most people have Facebook! I like Marketplace because it also let’s me see people’s Facebook profiles. If someone looks like a real person, I sell to them, but if someone looks like a bot, then I don’t.

Facebook also typically has local groups you can sell in too. Just search your city name and “Buy, Sell, Trade” or “Swap and Sell”.

OfferUp, LetGo, and other similar apps:

Another option is to download apps like OfferUp, LetGo, etc. These are not as successful for me, but I have sold on them before. I like these apps because it let’s you see people’s seller ratings and ensure they’re not scamming you (Facebook has introduced something similar but it isn’t as obvious). It also offers a little more anonymity than Facebook.


Lastly, you can always try good, ole’ Craigslist. Just make sure to meet in a safe location to either buy or sell. I’ve always had good experiences on Craigslist, but you can never be too careful!

If you’re desperate to sell something and don’t want it in your space anymore, I’d recommend posting on all of these sites to ensure you hit every corner of the internet!

Avalon Exchange, Plato’s Closet, and other second-hand shops:

For clothing and antique items, second-hand shops are another option. I typically only take stuff here as a last resort because you can earn more money selling on your own. These sellers typically take a big percentage of the price off as a fee for being the middle man.

Maybe once a year I will go to Avalon Exchange to get rid of clothes that I haven’t been able to sell. I usually leave with around $20 (I never take the store credit). Sometimes more, sometimes less. But that’s better than nothing!

Tips on Selling Stuff:

Take Nice Photos:

Your best bet in selling something online is with a good picture. In order to achieve this, I have a few tips.

First, try and take the photo in natural light. It’s typically the most flattering. If that isn’t possible, take the photo in the brightest indoor light that you can.

Second, take specific photos. Take a big, general photo of the entire product, and then take multiple more detailed photos. This could be of the design, material, different angles, etc. And if the product has a defect, ensure to take a photo of it and document it for buyers.

Third, if you can find a photo of it online, post that too! Often I will screen shot a photo of what I am selling from where I originally bought it. This helps showcase how much you bought it for too, which gives buyers an idea of what kind of a deal they are getting!

Price Fairly:

Perhaps the scariest part of selling online is trying to figure out how much you should list something for.

To get a fair value, I recommend researching people in your area who are selling similar items. If they’re all selling it for generally the same price, you can probably figure that it’s a sweet spot.

Also take into consideration your product’s depreciation. If something is basically brand new, you should note that in your description and sell it for a higher price. If you’ve used it for years, it’s frayed, dented, etc. then consider selling it for a little less.

And remember – you can always reduce the price. So start big and then work your way back if you aren’t having luck.

Don’t Sell Trash:

And don’t donate it either!

There is some wiggle room with items people might be able to salvage. There’s definitely a market for people who like to reupholster, who can sew, who might want something for parts, who want something just because it is vintage, etc.

If you think something has value but just needs some help, then list it for a price but keep it fair. Or if you just want to get rid of it, list it for free.

But if it’s trash, throw it away. I know it is hard (I hate to waste!), but no one wants socks with holes in them or a mattress soaked in cat pee.

How to Keep Safe:

Check Out Their Profiles:

As mentioned above, some online marketplaces allow you to see a seller/buyer’s profile. If it appears someone is creepy or seems to be using a fake profile, I’d recommend steering clear!

Agree on a Public Meet Up Space:

Parking lots of well-lit grocery stores, gas stations, and banks are all great meet up spots when selling stuff. Not only does it offer the protection of others around you, they also typically have security cameras.

Tell Someone What You Are Doing:

If meeting at a public space isn’t an option (perhaps it’s a large item), always ensure you tell someone what you are doing.

If buying an item, I always text my mom or a friend the address I am going to and to check in on me.

If selling, I try and meet outside with the item and not let them inside of my house. (I have neighbors – this might not really be a great option if you are in the country.) If I’m alone, I also text someone to tell them I have a buyer coming to my home.

But why be alone when you can…

Bring Someone With You:

If this is an option, having someone with you is also a helpful way to ensure your safety when buying or selling.

Goals & Garbage - Tips on Selling Stuff Online

Back to the challenge!

So what have I spent so far for this challenge?

Cost Breakdown:


Total cost: Haven’t spent anything… Yet!


Comforter Set: $15.00
Bed Frame: $15.00

Total earned: $30.00!

Questions? Comments? Concerns? Leave them below!

And be sure to check out the other bloggers participating in this challenge!

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Goals & Garbage - Tips on Selling Stuff Online


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